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  Michael DeFreitas, travel writer and photographer    

Between adventures, Michael writes photo columns and shares his photography and writing skills at workshops across North America. Check out Michael's photo galleries at Travel-Snaps.com

"Flash It"

Just For Canadian Doctors Magazine 01/2015
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"Put A Face To A Place"

Photo News Magazine 10/2014
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"Zoom In"

Photo News Magazine 03/2014
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"Put the Wild back In WIldlife"

Photo News Magazine 01/2014
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"Ten Top Travel Tips"

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Photo News Magazine 04/2013


"Put It All Together"

Outpost Magazine 01/2013


"Slow It Down"

Photo News Magazine 01/2013


"Draw Them In"

Outpost Magazine 11/2012


"Tic Tac Toe"

Outpost Magazine 09/2012


"Go Wide!"

Outpost Magazine 08/2012


"Zoom Right In"

Outpost Magazine 06/2012


"10 Top Travel Photography Tips"

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"Shooting on the Move"

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"Hot Shots"

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"In the Bag"

Outpost Magazine 01/2011