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  Michael DeFreitas, travel writer and photographer    

Although he does not get over to Europe often Michael makes the most of each visit. His favorite country is Italy with Holland a close second.
Check out Michael's European photo gallery at Travel-Snaps.com

Michael is contributing editor for Mediterranean by Cruise Ship. Dozens of his photos were used in the book. Visit their site.      

"Ruins, Renaissance and romance"

Encompass Magazine 03/2013
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Global Traveler Magazine 06/2012
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"Train to the Top of Europe"

Just For Canadian Dentists Magazine 02/2012
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"Peaks Of Perfection - Kicking Back Interlaken"

Global Traveler Magazine 02/2011
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"Malta: Rock of Ages"

Ensemble Vacations Magazine 03/2010


"Land of Legends"

Voyageur Magazine 01/2009